Shama Khan, OPEN SV

Shama Khan, OPEN SV

Chairperson Women's Leadership Forum 2020

Shama Khan is a dedicated and awarded volunteer, working on multiple roles with OpenSV for past 12 years. She is currently Chair of Women’s Leadership Forum and Treasurer of Open Silicon valley for the year 2019-2021. Last term she was General Secretary. 

Shama is happily married with three kids. She studied Master of Architecture from Catholic University Washington DC. Works full time with City of Newark (planning and zoning). She has over 7 years experience working with California Building and Zoning codes. She works with clients to follow building and zoning Laws to enhance and preserve the community and to lead them to success.

Shama is also very passionate about connecting  youth with seniors. She is starting a new venture to create a platform, which will allow kids from age (5 to 18) to connect with seniors on a regular basis which will surely help loneliness of seniors and will bring some  Etiquette and manners which has been missing from the new generation.  

Being an active member of the community Shama is always available to provide Mentorship and help to youth and family counseling to couples.